Industry Leading Creative Networking Opportunities

written by Charlotte
Industry Leading Creative Networking Opportunities

Why choose The Palm Tree Club’s networking opportunities?

We are creating opportunities for businesses to form relationships and to recognise, create or act upon business opportunities through our Creative Networking Programmes. We believe The Palm tree Club can be used as an exciting platform for sharing stories, seeking potential partnerships and spreading your brands message. We work in partnership with WeSUP Stand Up Paddle Board Centre who facilitate our mission to create innovate opportunities for people to get together, try something new and break down the barriers of traditional networking.

Our pioneering networking sessions think outside the box giving participants a truly dynamic experience, promoting healthy living and mindfulness through SUP and other activities whilst encouraging creative connections through our welcoming, inclusive environment.

Who can get involved at our centre in Cornwall?
In Cornwall we focus on small business networking, encouraging creatives to utilise the WeSUP facilities whilst sharing ideas with other business owners, breaking the stereotype of traditional networking and the anxiety leading up to such events.
Our sessions lead to collaboration, partnerships, projects, and organic relationships that grow in a relaxed, fun environment. Not only are our participants promoting themselves, and meeting like minded people, they are on the water, appreciating their surroundings, keeping fit and having fun.
We are constantly developing our programme of networking events that give small business owners a way to meet other like minded people in different, interesting and welcoming environments. If you’d like us to consider using your quirky venue for one of our networking events please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

What can we offer businesses in Southampton?
The Hamble River is the centre to our Corporate Wellness Innovation Programme, leading the way in Wellness Networking Events. We invite local practitioners, HR and Wellness officers to share practice, create relationships and feedback on their current needs to satisfy their requirements for wellness in the workplace. Our goal is to create pioneering programmes for the incredible people we meet at our events that are accessible to all medium to large sized businesses. The programmes will have SUP at its core but translate into the corporate arena with strong foundations in Wellness and Resilience CPD, in essence proving the necessity for a healthy work/ life balance. To read more about our Wellness Innovations click here.

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