Ula Clothing

written by Charlotte
Ula Clothing

We are proud to be the social media consultants for sustainable clothing, Ula. Based in Cornwall, this company has three retail outlets in Hayle, St Ives and Truro as well as an online shop. Our brief is to help artistically direct and style the content shoots that happen each month, curate the Instagram feed, research an ongoing hashtag strategy and create social media campaigns that will bring more traffic and drive footfall to stores.


Ula prides itself on promoting slow fashion labels that are good quality, well made garments that are ethically sourced. They want to educate their audience that fast, throw away fashion is contributing to climate chnag, pollution and slave labour. They only sell local products or labels which have an invested interested in organic, fair-trade, ethical or recycled materials and methods.

Not only do they sell garments they also sell accessories and gifts which we have to make sure get equal attention through the social media channels.

Photography is taken by the incredible content photographer Griffin Photography.


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